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Nagły atak spawacza A Alz Killz ++ BABBU MAAN ' AnD sLeep(3) ANd '1 ++ situasi ++ lazy hazy crazy days of summer' ++ wsz aND BeNChMaRK(2999999,Md5(NoW())) AnD 1' aND BeNChMaRK(2999999,Md5(NoW())) AnD '1 ++ Cranberries ft westlife little drummer boy ++ tweenies princess long ago ++ Cranberries ft westlife little drummer boy ++ wsz'||SLeeP(3) ++ wsz'&&sLEEp(3)&&'1 ++ what shall we do tom farmer ++ westlife little drummer ++ tweenies-boom boogie" and "21"="21 ++ the jingle jangle jungle ++ ostatni im yours ++ one potato twwo potato ++ live your lif' AnD sLeep(3) ANd '0'='0 ++ little drummer boy ++ lindsey buckingham') AND (SELECT 'gLNO' FROM RDB$DATABASE)='DqfU' AND ('bNsK'='bNsK ++ i" and "21" ++ gives you he ++ down in the jungle where nobody goes'||SLeeP(3) ++ boom boogie' aND BeNChMaRK(2999999,Md5(NoW())) AnD '1 ++ beatles ++ [kemadonna papa dont preach

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